What brings you refreshment?

As summer draws to a close, the excessive heat and humidity has fallen about 20% so far (from 90s to 70s for both).

The irritation of gnats and other pesty insects of earlier this year have diminished considerably so I can sit out without too much swatting.

Like jumping into a pool or licking on an ice cream cone of your favorite flavor on a hot and sticky day, cooler weather brings refreshment.

Some of summer’s other refreshments for me include biting into a ripe, juicy peach or eating a fresh picked strawberry or cob of corn.  Getting away from the normal grind of work-eat-sleep also refreshes my spirit.  Suzi’s backyard pond with the sounds of a waterfall and sights of coy, frogs, lily pads and a bloom pond lily rejuvenates memories of that refreshment.

What brings you refreshment?

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