Be like a turtle

This year the canal seemed to have a lot more turtles than I’ve seen over the past three years.

The other day, this duo was sunning themselves on a log, probably warming themselves after the close-to-freezing temps the night before.

These guys are relatively small, but I’ve seen one whose shell is easily over a foot long with claws that look like a small dinosaur.

From what I read, turtles need Vitamin D-3 like we do to support our bones and other organs.  Did you know water turtles generally live 30-40 years, but box turtles and tortoises can live between 50-100 years?  Maybe we’re not as different as we may think.

As autumn temperatures begin their slow descent and daylight dwindles more each day, all of us need to be like a turtle…taking a little bit more time to sun ourselves.  The benefits of a little sun each day?  Stronger bones, better sleep, improved mood and a healthier immune system, to name a few…for us as well as the turtles!!

Now all we need is for the clouds to move away and let the sun shine in!  Play like a turtle…sun yourself a little!

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