Accepting Certainty of Uncertainty

     The 1960’s TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island popped into my head today as I’m reading an article in the Jan/Feb edition of The Holy Encounter, a bi-monthly publication put out by the Miracle Distribution Center.

The fictional crew and passengers faced uncertainty after being shipwrecked on an uncharted island.  They used their knowledge and creativity to survive in a different world.  They had to deal with the certainty of uncertainty day in and day out as they created a new life based on their evolving circumstances.

That’s where we all reside today, in 2021, facing the uncertainty, upheaval, repercussions and chaos created by a world-wide, evolving pandemic.  Like the cast shipwrecked on the SS Minnow, we can’t go back to what we considered ‘normal.’  We, too, must use our knowledge, resources and creativity to navigate, survive and thrive in this ‘new’ world.  We, too, must put our differences aside and join with our brothers and sisters to live day by day in a different world.  We, too, must re-prioritize what’s important and work together to create an evolving balance in an everchanging world.

We, too, must accept the certainty of uncertainty and learn to use our instincts, faith and innate abilities to adapt and be able today to create the joy and peace we once may have taken for granted and considered normal despite the chaos around us.  If we don’t find that joy and peace, we’ll only add fuel to the fires of the chaos.

How do we do that?  Decide what brings you joy and peace.  Make time for that in your life each day, even if it’s only 10, 5 or 2 minutes.  Put your fears aside and live in the present moment, accepting that moment and the certainty of uncertainty.

For me, not watching the news incessantly, looking out my window facing the D&L trail, seeing wildlife, taking pictures, writing and journaling all bring moments of joy and peace into my life.  How about you?  Pay it forward and share with others how you deal with uncertainty and what you do to bring joy and peace into your daily life.

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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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