Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…

Spring Rafting“Signs,” an iconic song released in 1970 by The Five Man Electrical Band, highlighted some of the hypocrisies and intrusions signs may put on both our landscapes and perceptions.

Like so many other things, signs with words can convey a positive or negative message depending on the reader.

Perceptions of nature’s signs of spring also may vary.  While many rejoice in the rebirth of dormant life after a snowy winter season, others dread the pollen and allergies that come with that rebirth.

Spring FlowersYet the signs of spring permeate the sights in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, as early enthusiasts rafted down the Lehigh River yesterday.  Sixty degrees is warm, but I’d rather wait for warmer water temps!

On Chestnut Hill, white snowdrops and what I believe are yellow buttercup aconites push through the surface of the ground and brighten the drab winter leaf remnants.

I personally love ALL the signs of spring, enjoying the warmer temps, the longer daylight and watching the awakening of life.

What’s your favorite sign of spring?

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