Lessons from “Blue”

"Blue" heronTrying to catch an injured great “Blue” heron for the past eight days has been unsuccessful.

Blue appears thinner and I have yet to see him able to eat as he did before.

I appreciate efforts by Wildlife in Need (WIN) as well as the Carbon County Environmental Education Center and Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in their volunteers’ attempts to help this injured beauty.

Connie, from WIN, tried again unsuccessfully a little while ago, but her expertise and knowledge helped me immensely.  She told me he lost one of his talons, probably because of a snapping turtle.  She also told me the swelling has lessened compared to earlier pictures I sent and it seems to be healing although the leg is still injured.  However, she knows that over time birds adapt and survive with a handicap.

I’ll continue to keep an eye out to see if he can eat and if he weakens any more and will call for more help if that occurs.

This week-plus episode with “Blue” taught me a lesson:  Life will throw us a curve ball now and then but we need to and can adapt.  We also need to accept help, if we can, and continue to live life as best we can.  What we do and how we do it may change.  This is a GREAT lesson for myself and others who are aging and less able to do what we could 20 years ago.

“Blue” also showed me life goes on…we have to accept what is and adapt as best we can.

Nature demonstrates a great ability to accept, adapt and live in the moment.  I value and hope to emulate those attributes.

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