I feel good…do you?

ReunionAlthough the canal is closed, I’m fortunate to have it in my back yard.

Yesterday this mama duck and her nine ducklings visited my back yard.   But when they were looking for food at the bottom of the bird feeder, two of the ducklings ended up on the canal side of the fence.  One came back into the fold, but the other was visibly upset at the separation and shortly thereafter jumped into the canal at the far end of the property in his panic.

Mama and the other eight decided to go around the front of the house, so I followed them and encouraged them to cross the yard and go down the embankment at the far side of the yard toward where the lone duckling jumped.

Once the mama and little ones entered the water, the lone duckling excitedly swam to its family for a heart-felt reunion.  Happily back together

I felt soooooooooo good as I felt the relief  and joy when the family came together.  Those feelings were palpable.

Today as I recall this event, those feelings re-surface.  These are the moments that allow me to choose to feel good.

What makes you feel good?  For me, it’s enjoying the nature around me and sharing that with you.  Doesn’t cost anything except my time…a very worthwhile investment!  How about you?

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