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Seeing is believing?

The gorgeous near-full moon (or is it full?) illuminated the early-morning sky as well as the D&L trail outside my window. This picture captured red-dot reflections close to the moon's aura and even further away in spots that appear to be in a line.  Do you see them? Are the dots really there?  Are they just  reflections?  Was it just [...]

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Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

I guess the 'tricks' aren't really new...just not used as much as they should be.  Let me explain. My two-week-long adventure with "Blue", a great blue heron hanging around my back yard for months, has resolved itself.  His toe was bitten off, presumably by a snapping turtle and his injury was a concern for me. Yesterday, my husband Tom said [...]

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Lessons from “Blue”

Trying to catch an injured great "Blue" heron for the past eight days has been unsuccessful. Blue appears thinner and I have yet to see him able to eat as he did before. I appreciate efforts by Wildlife in Need (WIN) as well as the Carbon County Environmental Education Center and Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in their volunteers' attempts [...]

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How do you feel freedom?

When I was younger, I naturally carried a sense of freedom with me.  I was relatively carefree, allowing the beauty of the moment to infuse my being. Like Mama Duck's offspring, I felt taken care of, protected and almost invincible.  But as the years of recommendations and beliefs of mostly well-meaning people, religious organizations and society, I replaced that feeling [...]

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Breakfast with Blue

This blue heron (I've named him or her "Blue") has been visiting regularly in the canal behind my home for the past two weeks. A low water level has made it ideal for Blue to find breakfast in the slow-moving flow.  I've seen him finding a decent-sized fish, taking it to the shoreline and eating it at least twice.  The [...]

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