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  1. Tim Croy says:

    Hi there, Kathy.
    My name is Tim Croy.

    I’m new to Carbon County and looking to connect! I’m a storyteller and filmmaker hoping to grow my film production company along with pursuing my new journey of becoming a children’s author.

    Normally here I would tell you a bit about my film production (because that’s my business and allows me to live) but I’m pretty certain my personal and creative side with children’s books and my mindset is much more in tune with you. Everything you’ve written and posted here on your website has been my life for the last two months. I moved here in February and with that move gave me the opportunity to be a new me, find a new self and explore/rewire my mind to live each day as it wants. It’s been rewarding so far and I know there is much more to come. I’ve been compelled by philosophy and the simple joys of life, such as slowing down and truly seeing what is around me with the understanding that my perspective is what I make of it and I’m looking to spread those meanings/messages within my stories. I want to get to know you more and hear about your journey. I like the way you think 🙂

    Take a quick peek at my story and let’s talk

    • Kathy Ruff says:

      Thanks, Tim. I appreciate your comments. I also am contemplating writing children’s books as I decrease my work load and refocus from my day job to semi-retirement. Where are you living now?

      • Timmyboy says:

        That’s exciting indeed.

        My partner Katie and I were searching for something new with adventure and landed in Jim Thorpe. So far so good! It’s been full of opportunity. I’m excited to be part of this community and let people know I’m here.

        Would you be willing to email me as I’d like to hear more about you. I actually didn’t realize this wasn’t an email hehe good thing I came back to check in because I must know more!

        I will check back here though now that I know this is more of a post then an email if that works for you.

      • Tim says:

        Hey, I don’t see my response! Maybe I didnt’ hit the send button…I’m in Jim Thorpe! Been here for just 3 months now and lots of good opportunity and adventure so far. I’d like to continue that adventure with you. Would you be able to email me privately and we can try and connect from there?

      • Tim says:

        Kathy, I’m not sure if my responses are posting. I can’t see them but that doesn’t necessarily mean you aren’t. I’m not sure how this works!? hehe

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