Book Cover – Embracing Expressions of Love


2022-02-21 Cover – Embracing 2022-02-21 Cover – Embracing Expressions of Loveof Love

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Thought for the Week: Follow Your Light

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You can’t share what you don’t have

Happy New Year – 2022!

As a New Year unfolds, I realize (again) an inner desire to share.

I also realize if I want to share love, joy, peace, happiness and contentedness, I have to have and BE all of those things.  It’s really so simple, so natural.

Are you like me, looking for love, joy, happiness and peace by trying to alleviate the hate, frustration, sadness — trying to control the uncontrollable instead of accept what is? Do you feel called to help change the world but didn’t know how?

I mistakenly thought alone had to make the statement, lift the load, control who, what, when where, why and how.

After a lifetime of trying, seeking answers, trying to clarify and put the Truth in a neat little package, I recognize that Truth is an ongoing reality that needs no control by me.  I only need to be willing to accept what is.  I don’t have to agree with or like what is, but simply accept it.  Resistance just puts the focus on what I’m resisting instead of what I desire – love, joy, peace, happiness, contentedness.  If I put my thoughts and energies on resisting what I don’t want, like or agree with, I exchange what I want for that which I don’t.

When I focus on what I really want, I create a loving, joyful, peaceful and happy world for myself, one I share effortlessly and continuously.  You can’t share what you don’t have.

What do I want to share love or hate?  Acceptance or denial?  Happiness or sadness?  Peace or resistance?  Knowledge or perception?  Compassion or indifference?  Truth or opinion?

What do you have you want to share?  What do you share?

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Happiness in NEPA

Anyone who lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania knows seeing rose blossoms from the garden in November is pure happiness!!!


There will be no more this year because our first major frost came last night, 30 degrees outside….burrrrrr.


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Life Lesson-It Is What It Is

 Life Lesson     It doesn’t matter what you think about it or what you call it, it is what it is.

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Can you imagine?

Imagine...This scene spoke to me.

Can you imagine…

…a world where everyone shared the bounty available to us all?

…accepting others as they are, even if they don’t look or sound like us?

Does it resonate with you?

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Raise Your Self…Forgive Yourself

Awakened by Abby scratching on the bed, my frustration grew when Tom bent over to try to entice her to jump up and he took all the covers with him.  I pulled the covers strongly back over me and hoped I’d be able to go back to sleep

I regurgitated past frustrations about Abby’s lack of training, reliving my unrealistic expectations for a change.

Only awake for barely one minute, I felt frustration, irritation and disappointment over having no control over what Abby and Tom did.  Yes, I am a control freak.

This start could have left me with the feeling of the bad start to a new day — Easter Sunday, no less.  Instead, I re-learned a lesson in forgiveness.

The Lesson 

While you may think I’d forgiven Abby for her scratching and Tom for pulling off the covers and solidifying my awakening, the lesson that popped into my head was to forgive myself for making judgments and not accepting what is.  I judged these events based on my unrealistic expectations.

The truth is, I really had no control over any of this.  My lack of control re-ignited past fears of having no control, and the negative emotions and judgments I felt.  These resurfaced immediately.

I realized I had to forgive MYSELF.  For what?  For allowing my old fears, frustrations, anger and judgments into my present moment and for not accepting what was.  That’s not to say I won’t continue to try to train Abby not to scratch on the furniture.  Yet is it realistic to think you can train a 13-year-old cat not to scratch?  It’s really part of her nature.

Choosing Differently

My decades long studies of A Course in Miracles and more recently A Course of Love made me aware in the present moment, fully aware of what was happening and my response to it.  I could have yelled at Abby and been angry at Tom.  I could have held onto the past perceptions on having no control I had dredged up in my mind and carried those negative feelings into my day.

Instead, I chose to forgive myself for making those judgments and not accepting what was.  Being frustrated, irritated or angry wasn’t going to change what was.

My lessons – forgive myself, accept what is right now in the present moment and let go of the past.

Being a control freak my entire life is not an easy habit to overcome in an instant.  Yet that’s exactly what happened in that moment.  I let go of my perception of control, my past misperceptions and the negativity that followed both.

How appropriate this happened Easter morning!  This simple event made me aware of my true Self, my higher Self, the Christ in me. I know the Spirit of Christ dwells within each and every one of us.  Forgive yourself, respond with Love and share your Spirit!

How blessed I am, as we all are!!

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Enjoy the gift of spring

Being in the Moment     The snow’s melted, mud’s (relatively) dried, temps are warm (45 degrees this morning!) and daylight comes earlier…all factors that led me to come out from hibernation and go for my first bike ride in spring 2021.

I only went a little over 6 miles but that’s good enough to begin the conditioning needed before I tackle a ride to Jim Thorpe, Glen Onoko or beyond.

Buds push through the tops of the trees, the feel and smell of fresh, crisp air and the sounds of the gushing river and birds singing loudly reward me for giving myself the time to enjoy the early-spring morning.

Enjoying the gifts of spring will be short-lived as the days slip by so quickly.  Best use of this gift is to fully be aware of all the sights, sounds and smells occurring in the present moment as those moments create our lives.

How will you enjoy your gift of spring?

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…

Spring Rafting“Signs,” an iconic song released in 1970 by The Five Man Electrical Band, highlighted some of the hypocrisies and intrusions signs may put on both our landscapes and perceptions.

Like so many other things, signs with words can convey a positive or negative message depending on the reader.

Perceptions of nature’s signs of spring also may vary.  While many rejoice in the rebirth of dormant life after a snowy winter season, others dread the pollen and allergies that come with that rebirth.

Spring FlowersYet the signs of spring permeate the sights in Carbon County, Pennsylvania, as early enthusiasts rafted down the Lehigh River yesterday.  Sixty degrees is warm, but I’d rather wait for warmer water temps!

On Chestnut Hill, white snowdrops and what I believe are yellow buttercup aconites push through the surface of the ground and brighten the drab winter leaf remnants.

I personally love ALL the signs of spring, enjoying the warmer temps, the longer daylight and watching the awakening of life.

What’s your favorite sign of spring?

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Wouldn’t it be nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

…we could enjoy what brings a smile to our hearts everyday?

…we could hear what others really mean between the words of what they actually say?

…we accepted others (especially our significant others) for who they are instead of who we want or expect them to be?

…we could be content with what we have instead of thinking we need something more or different?

…we could pursue our forgotten dreams?

…we loved and accepted ourselves, despite our perceived imperfections?

…we loved our neighbors as ourselves?

…we could anonymously share a random act of kindness with another every day?

…we could share our unique spiritual gifts without hesitation?

…we could be part of creating a world where truth instead of illusions reigned?

…we could selflessly fulfill another’s need?

…we could express our love unconditionally?

…we could accept the gifts given gratefully?

…we could let go of the past and enjoy the present?

…we could let go of the habit of judging others?

…we could enjoy the beauty of each new day?

…we could share our understandings without fear of judgment, embarrassment, retribution or shame?

…we could be our authentic Selves?

…we could fearlessly question that which we don’t understand or believe?

…we could unearth our deeply suppressed values and live them?

Believe it or not, each one of these niceties IS possible for those who choose to make them so.

What do you think would be nice if…?

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