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I feel good…do you?

Although the canal is closed, I'm fortunate to have it in my back yard. Yesterday this mama duck and her nine ducklings visited my back yard.   But when they were looking for food at the bottom of the bird feeder, two of the ducklings ended up on the canal side of the fence.  One came back into the fold, but [...]

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Seeing is believing?

The gorgeous near-full moon (or is it full?) illuminated the early-morning sky as well as the D&L trail outside my window. This picture captured red-dot reflections close to the moon's aura and even further away in spots that appear to be in a line.  Do you see them? Are the dots really there?  Are they just  reflections?  Was it just [...]

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Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

I guess the 'tricks' aren't really new...just not used as much as they should be.  Let me explain. My two-week-long adventure with "Blue", a great blue heron hanging around my back yard for months, has resolved itself.  His toe was bitten off, presumably by a snapping turtle and his injury was a concern for me. Yesterday, my husband Tom said [...]

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Lessons from “Blue”

Trying to catch an injured great "Blue" heron for the past eight days has been unsuccessful. Blue appears thinner and I have yet to see him able to eat as he did before. I appreciate efforts by Wildlife in Need (WIN) as well as the Carbon County Environmental Education Center and Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in their volunteers' attempts [...]

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How do you feel freedom?

When I was younger, I naturally carried a sense of freedom with me.  I was relatively carefree, allowing the beauty of the moment to infuse my being. Like Mama Duck's offspring, I felt taken care of, protected and almost invincible.  But as the years of recommendations and beliefs of mostly well-meaning people, religious organizations and society, I replaced that feeling [...]

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Breakfast with Blue

This blue heron (I've named him or her "Blue") has been visiting regularly in the canal behind my home for the past two weeks. A low water level has made it ideal for Blue to find breakfast in the slow-moving flow.  I've seen him finding a decent-sized fish, taking it to the shoreline and eating it at least twice.  The [...]

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