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Raise Your Self…Forgive Yourself

Awakened by Abby scratching on the bed, my frustration grew when Tom bent over to try to entice her to jump up and he took all the covers with him.  I pulled the covers strongly back over me and hoped I'd be able to go back to sleep I regurgitated past frustrations about Abby's lack of training, reliving my unrealistic [...]

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Enjoy the gift of spring

     The snow's melted, mud's (relatively) dried, temps are warm (45 degrees this morning!) and daylight comes earlier...all factors that led me to come out from hibernation and go for my first bike ride in spring 2021. I only went a little over 6 miles but that's good enough to begin the conditioning needed before I tackle a ride [...]

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Sign, sign, everywhere a sign…

"Signs," an iconic song released in 1970 by The Five Man Electrical Band, highlighted some of the hypocrisies and intrusions signs may put on both our landscapes and perceptions. Like so many other things, signs with words can convey a positive or negative message depending on the reader. Perceptions of nature's signs of spring also may vary.  While many rejoice [...]

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Wouldn’t it be nice?

Wouldn't it be nice if... ...we could enjoy what brings a smile to our hearts everyday? ...we could hear what others really mean between the words of what they actually say? ...we accepted others (especially our significant others) for who they are instead of who we want or expect them to be? ...we could be content with what we have [...]

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