What makes you purr?

Sunrise on the HillWhat makes you purr?

It’s easy to know when Ms. Abby (my pet cat) is happy.  She purrs consistently and loudly.  When you pet her, you can feel the vibration of her contentment through her purring.

This winter picture of a neighbor’s home at sunrise demonstrates one example of what brings me joy. Starting a new day seeing the beauty of the world around me puts a smile on my face and creates a positive outlook for moving forward into the rest of the day.

For me, seeing nature’s beauty, capturing its essence and sharing it with others makes me ‘purr.’

What makes you purr?  Please share.

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Excitement’s Building

Spring’s right around the corner…I have to be patient.

Excitement’s building as I look into buying a new kayak at the Lehighton Outdoor Center.  Once the lake thaws, my morning outing with the new kayak will bring me a sense of calm and peace I haven’t felt in months.

What are you excited about?

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It’s all perfect

    Mid-February always seems to be ‘cabin fever’ time for people in northeastern Pennsylvania.

It’s the perfect time for skiers and those who snow shoe, but for others, dealing with being indoors, shoveling and enduring the cold become drudgery.

Looking at the scenery earlier this week as I rode home from laser surgery on my eye, I noticed yellow hues outlined branches of the weeping willow trees.  While few people probably see this or other signs of spring in the midst of snowstorm after snowstorm, the hues of spring subtly emerge from their winter slumber when seasonal conditions allow.  Reds and yellows turn into greens and pinks, all in perfect timing.

Try as we might, it’s impossible to force spring to come before the time is right.  We need to accept what is and be patient.  Everything will happen in its perfect time although it may not be OUR perception of the perfect time.

Imagine how much less stress we’d have if we took nature’s lesson, accepted (and enjoyed) what is and allowed things to happen in their perfect time instead of the timing we think is perfect.




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Home is Where the Heart Is

      What do you consider home?

Abby’s background as a stray with no home seems to make her appreciative and happy to have a full belly and be comfortable, safe and loved.

Is home a place or a state of being?

For those without a physical building or place to stay, home is not a place.  For those with abusive parents, spouses or relatives, home is not a place.  For many home becomes a state of being…being safe…being comfortable…being loved…being relaxed and at peace.

I believe home is where your heart is.

Where is your heart?


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Accepting Certainty of Uncertainty

     The 1960’s TV sitcom Gilligan’s Island popped into my head today as I’m reading an article in the Jan/Feb edition of The Holy Encounter, a bi-monthly publication put out by the Miracle Distribution Center.

The fictional crew and passengers faced uncertainty after being shipwrecked on an uncharted island.  They used their knowledge and creativity to survive in a different world.  They had to deal with the certainty of uncertainty day in and day out as they created a new life based on their evolving circumstances.

That’s where we all reside today, in 2021, facing the uncertainty, upheaval, repercussions and chaos created by a world-wide, evolving pandemic.  Like the cast shipwrecked on the SS Minnow, we can’t go back to what we considered ‘normal.’  We, too, must use our knowledge, resources and creativity to navigate, survive and thrive in this ‘new’ world.  We, too, must put our differences aside and join with our brothers and sisters to live day by day in a different world.  We, too, must re-prioritize what’s important and work together to create an evolving balance in an everchanging world.

We, too, must accept the certainty of uncertainty and learn to use our instincts, faith and innate abilities to adapt and be able today to create the joy and peace we once may have taken for granted and considered normal despite the chaos around us.  If we don’t find that joy and peace, we’ll only add fuel to the fires of the chaos.

How do we do that?  Decide what brings you joy and peace.  Make time for that in your life each day, even if it’s only 10, 5 or 2 minutes.  Put your fears aside and live in the present moment, accepting that moment and the certainty of uncertainty.

For me, not watching the news incessantly, looking out my window facing the D&L trail, seeing wildlife, taking pictures, writing and journaling all bring moments of joy and peace into my life.  How about you?  Pay it forward and share with others how you deal with uncertainty and what you do to bring joy and peace into your daily life.

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Transformation Lives

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Who says you can’t teach an old dog??

To me, the old adage, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’ strikes up the concept of a willingness to learn.  By the time a dog ages, his/her willingness to learn something new wanes. The learning gathered over the years yields the rewards desired so there’s little motivation to learn something new.

So, too, with us.  The willingness to learn depends solely on our desire. I wanted to learn to cross country ski years ago so I could move around and get outside in the beauty of a winter’s day. My reward was fresh air, an uplifted spirit and a good workout!

What do you want to learn?  Do you want to learn quantum physics? Energy medicine? How to balance your checkbook? To live in the present moment?  What reward do you desire that motivates you to want to learn?

After six decades of learning — much of which sits on the shelf gathering dust — I realize what I want to learn is how to live in peace, to be content and happy.  I’ve striven to be a productive worker and to help others all my life only to at times be frustrated, disappointed and disillusioned.  My expectations were to do well in the hope of helping others.  I now see ‘If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.’

I learned wanting to do what makes me happy is not selfish — it’s necessary to reap the rewards I now understand I really want.

It took a long time but now I see you can teach an old dog new tricks…if they want to learn!


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What would you do with your winnings?

View from FlagstaffI bought tickets with some friends for two lottery drawings this week paying out over $500 million each to winners.

Imagine winning that much money!

Now the big question:  What would you do if your share was $25- or $50-million?

If I could, I would buy the Flagstaff.  I would create an environmental education center and earthing sanctuary to allow people to see the view, gardens and natural wildlife (not a zoo) and hear the sounds of nature (wind, birds, silence).  I’d provide opportunities for people to learn about labyrinths, earthing and energy techniques for living a healthy life.

How about you?  What would you do with your winnings?  Please share!!  🙂

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A Divine Role

My mother, though 86 years of age, still plays her divine role to teach her children.

My mother’s memory and recollection is not what it used to be.  I reminded her of my sister’s birthday on the 6th but she adamantly said it was on the 7th.

Despite seeing proof (my sister’s license), she believed the Dept. of Revenue messed up with the date and held onto her misguided belief.  Always being right represents an attribute that doesn’t do well in such situations.

My mom taught me a valuable lesson.  If you believe something with a closed mind, unwilling to accept other possibilities or the truth, your faith lies in illusion.  Long-held or erroneous perceptions of the truth do not make it so.

This encounter made me wonder what illusions I might be believing are truth!  What lon-held beliefs were based on misperceptions or illusion?  Am I unwilling to accept other possibilities?  Am I unwilling to learn truth through my thickheaded attitude?  Do I hang onto illusions at the cost of truth?  Do I always have to be right? (My husband would put his two cents in on that one!)

How about you?

We all play a divine role, as do mothers.  We may not recognize or understand that role or the effects that role may have on others.  Yet my mother is who she is and plays her divine role perfectly.  And so do you!

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Happy New Day!

Sunrise at the LakeToday many people start with high hopes, resolutions and goals.  We look forward to a future we want to create – with less weight, more patience, more exercise, less procrastination.  We believe the list of fewer “bad” and more “good” sets the foundation for future improvement.

Believe it or not, each of these aims are already achieved.  When we live in the present moment, we choose not to eat a handful of Peanut M&Ms but only three or four.  We choose to bundle up and go for a short walk.  We choose to pick up one or two pieces of clutter and put or throw them away.  Acting on these and other choices in the present moment, moment after moment, creates less weight, less clutter, more exercise, etc., etc.

Imagine, instead of making lofty goals for the future, allowing your choices in the moment to steer you toward your desired outcomes.  Imagine feeling healthy, energetic, joyful, loving, contented, productive because of those choices…each moment.  Imagine making what you consider making the wrong choice (10 M&Ms!) but being aware in the moment of that error and pledging to do better next time.

Imagine the outcome of making conscious choices consistently, time after time, even if you slip here and there.  A cluttered office can be de-cluttered one piece of paper or item at a time.  Losing 25 pounds doesn’t seem so unfeasible if you focus instead on fewer M&Ms and smaller portions, day after day, allowing yourself to chip away 2/10 of a pound each day with those actions.

I wish you all a safe and Happy New Day!


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